YoRei Life: A place of love


Peg Driscoll

Peg is Reiki Master Practitioner and instructor, a certified 200 RYT yoga instructor, and an intuitive lifestyle mentor. For an appointment with Peg, call or text 678-548-5040.

YoRei Life is a practice dedicated to improving wellness. We help our clients enhance or achieve physical and emotional balance through the use of energy healing practices and lifestyle mentoring geared towards the deliberate creation of a positive and healthy lifestyle, attitude, and environment.

Our goal is to empower every single client to be his/her best self at any given moment. By teaching you how to tap into your own intelligence and find the wisdom needed to achieve goals, it is possible to overcome obstacles and manifest a beautiful and healthy life.

Currently YoRei Life offers:

  • Personalized Reiki sessions that are paired with one-on-one lifestyle mentoring

  • Individual and group Kundalini and Hatha yoga classes

  • House, business and general property energy cleansing

  • Reiki certifications, trainings, workshops and seminars

  • Individual Meditation training

  • Phone Reiki and lifestyle mentoring sessions

  • Out of state visits

  • Public speaking and group coaching/mentoring services

  • Private parties or functions

YoRei Life offers a space where truth, love, and divine healing come together. It is a space for you to be yourself while discovering the truths within. It is a space for you to receive divine healing while working on balancing your life, body, soul and spirit. It's a place to connect, to revel in your inspiration and to allow the wellness that abounds for you. 

At YoRei Life, we genuinely care about every single client and have the most honest desire and intention to share this wellness experience with you.

YoRei life is different from most other Reiki and yoga practices. Peg uses her unique ability with each client to see and move energy and to communicate strongly with God. With the help of energy and intuition, she guides each client to help him/her discover his/her true self and heal.  While Peg seeks to help balance her client’s energy and makes him/her feel amazing and relaxed during a session, the main focus of her practice remains in helping her clients find the tools they need to help keep their energy raised and balanced. Her passion comes from her purpose to serve others for their higher good.  

As her Reiki practice and connections keep evolving, Peg incorporates a combination of modalities such as reflexology, acupressure and focused touch in order to maximize the effects of each treatment. Her inspiration comes from the knowing of the source of all things, God, and from the belief that she would be doing a disservice to her community and herself if she did not share her talents and gifts with the world.

Peg literally sees miracles daily. Through God’s loving and healing energy she has seen people heal from emotional, medical, and physical challenges. Peg is also blessed to do this work with everyone from newborns to those taking their last breaths.

Peg also offers YoRei Life Reiki trainings and workshops to help individuals learn more about energy, grow spiritually, and improve their lives with Reiki.

Origins of YoRei Life



Peg has practiced and taught many different styles and levels of yoga for over 16 years.  Over ten years ago she and her family moved to the Atlanta area where her Reiki journey started. As accomplished Reiki Master in Jikiden Reiki, Komyo Reiki and Western Reiki, Peg was amazed by the results this beautiful practice had on herself, her family, her friends, and pets.

One day she was approached by a woman who asked her to help bring some peace to her 26-year-old daughter, Erin, who had cancer for the fifth time.  Believing in Reiki as a healing modality, Peg began to give loving energy to Erin through her practice of Reiki.  Erin showed signs of improvement and underwent many healing events during their journey together. Erin expressed how Reiki helped in so many ways with her pain, mental state, sleep, and happiness. Grateful for the love of Peg and her Reiki practice, she asked Peg to promise her that she would practice Reiki and yoga as a business and help others as she had helped her. Acknowledging the beauty of Reiki and their journey together, Peg agreed. Erin was able to transmute her fear into love and came to true peace with her life. In Divine timing, Erin peacefully passed, surrounded by her loved ones.

In Erin’s honor, Peg started YoRei Life. Yo=Yoga Rei= Reiki Life= Lifestyle…. YoRei Life

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