My life is FOREVER changed after meeting Peggy and having the most beautiful Reiki experience! Her bright, shining light and laughter is contagious! I hope you will open your heart and mind and experience this glorious healing modality for yourself!
— Stephanie Casalini. Google Review
I recommend Peg at YoRei Life wholeheartedly. An amazing experience that I treasure and look forward to each visit.
— Michelle S. Olsen. YoRei Life Facebook Review
I highly recommend Kathy Corbin for Teen Empowerment and Reiki. Kathy provides life coaching for my daughter and has really helped her with anxiety, depression, and insomnia. She also utilizes Reiki to rebalance and restore energy so you feel lighter and have a positive outlook on daily challenges.
— Kalli Mejia. Google REview
Peg is amazing, she has helped me realize my full potential both personally and professionally. She helped me through one of the hardest times in my life last year. Her passion for sharing her gift is obvious. I always leave in anticipation for my next visit. I’ve sent several people to her and she has changed their life as well. Highly recommend YoRei Life!
— Sarah Buchanan. Google review
This was my first time trying Reiki, and I am so impressed with YoRei Life! The women there are very nurturing and full of love. The ambiance is relaxing and uplifting. And the Reiki is very healing. I am going through cancer treatment and the Reiki has had such a positive impact on me. I know I am on a healing journey, and with each treatment I feel healthier.

— Anonymous. Google Review
The Reiki Level 1 class is delivered with pure, unconditional love and is perfect for every level of spiritual maturity. Whether you’re just starting out with energy work or have been on your spiritual journey for 20 years, I highly recommend the Reiki Level 1 course with Peg and Kathy at YoRei Life if you’re looking to learn about or certify in the Reiki modality.
— Deniece Palmer, Google review.
Our family has been seeing Peg for over a year and 1/2 and she has been a life changing blessing to us. I committed to God in my early life to follow Jesus. Fast forward 25 years later with a cancer diagnosis I started to see my family was lacking God’s peace and love. Peg is a beautiful person who has helped me to over come illness by strengthen my body and my soul. Thank you Jesus for my beautiful mentor Peg!!
Peg has helped our teen with anxiety and fear and helped us all break patterns of bad communication. Our home is filled with God’s peace and love and compassion for each other. I know that God has gifted Peg with a healing touch and I am truly thankful for her.
— Julie Dugger, Google Review.
I’ve had two amazing sessions with Peg and I can’t begin to tell you the impact she has had on my life. I’ve had many reiki sessions in the past but Peg treated it like therapy. We talked for over an hour so she could understand what I was going through and then she did reiki. She is truly an angel.
— Kristen Wharton, Google Review.
Reiki is a life enhancing experience. Our family life and personal lives have been positively impacted by Peg. Reiki is about healing and it really works, but this experience is beyond healing. My family and I encourage you to experience Reiki for yourself.
— Brian Dugger, Google Review.
Peg is amazing and truly gifted!! I have had several Reiki phone sessions with Peg and recently was able to have an in person session with her, what a wonderful comforting experience. Meeting Peg and experiencing her healing intuitive energy has changed my life. Thank you for everything!! Much love xo
— Angie Shields, Google Review
Peggy is amazing. She makes you feel completely at ease and explains everything. The atmosphere is so peaceful and serene and so is Peggy.
I have been seeing Peggy for about 2 years and I just finished my level 1 Reiki Training with her in a small group setting. Peggy was wonderful in her ability to explain and teach us reiki with so much love and her beautiful light that shines out of her.
— Tambrin Craig, Google Review
I am extremely grateful and blessed to have experience a Reiki healing session with Kathy Corbin at YoRei Life! Kathy, is a genuinely kind and caring person that made my experience with having Reiki amazing! It was relaxing and peaceful, I even have my daughter going to her!
— Trina Johnson. Google review

Peggy Driscoll is truly a gifted “Healer” That’s really the best way... I can describe her. I can’t really explain how Reiki works, but I will tell you that it’s like a cleansing of the inner self. I love to get Reiki because of the tremendous relaxation and stress relief. I always leave relaxed and clear headed. And it lasts. It’s amazing!! Some people have special talents. Peg is loaded with them. I hurt my shoulder before the last treatment. I neglected to tell her, but within seconds, she was homing in on my shoulder with Reiki energy. How did she know? All I knew is that my shoulder felt better, and so did the rest of me. I am truly thankful to have Peggy Driscoll in my life and on my team !! Thanks, Peg for sharing your God given talents with us, and being such a humble servant to mankind !!
— Dr. Marion J. Maloof. YoRei Life Facebook Review.

Last week I had the opportunity to experience reiki for the first time. I’ve researched it in recent months and was interested in having it done. I called YoRei Life and scheduled an appointment with Kathy.

The office she works out of is so beautifully serene and every detail is soothing. I could feel her working each section of my energy and as she worked her way through, I began to purge emotionally. I bawled my eyes out a few times. At one point while I was face down on the table, I felt my dad’s presence. It felt like if I raised my head and turned to look, he would’ve been standing right next to the table. He passed away October 3 of this year, so to feel him there was an incredibly comforting and special moment.

I felt the “high” for a few days after my session and could definitely tell there was a positive shift in my energy and thinking. I’m sold on it and I can’t wait to go back for another session! If you’re open to natural medicine and healing, check out Kathy Corbin at YoReiLife in Lawrenceville!
— Olivia Porter. Google Review.
Professional, caring and absolutely life changing Reiki sessions! Very peaceful and calming session room. Peggy has a true gift!
— Linda Cardone. GOOGLE REVIEW.

Truly beneficial! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Peggy Driscoll and her Reiki practice. I was skeptical at first but, I thought I would give it a try in my pursuit of natural pain relief. My first appointment was wonderful! After going through my history we pinpointed a few of my most painful areas and she went to work! Her light touch and gentle massage techniques were effective and very relaxing. I liked my results and bought one of her 3 appointment packages; her prices are very affordable, and went back. I had complete resolution of my major issue after my 3rd appointment and I was thrilled! Peggy has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she readily shares with her clients. She is a beautiful person inside and out who truly cares about people and wants to use her gifts and talents to guide her clients down a path of health and well being.
— Diana Gilles. GOOGLE REVIEW.

Peggy is amazing. She makes you feel completely at ease and explains everything. The atmosphere is so peaceful and serene and so is Peggy.
— Craig family. GOOGLE REVIEW.

I began my yoga journey 6 months ago. I had never done yoga before, and I had no idea what to expect. I was full of anxiety as I stepped in the door for my first session with Peggy, but the moment she welcomed me with her genuine smile, I knew I had made the right decision. Since that day, she has taught me so much, not only about improving my yoga techniques, but also about improving my attitude, my emotions, and ultimately my life. She is so knowledgeable about yoga, and she is not selfish with her knowledge—she begins each new pose by explaining how do to it properly, how to modify it for every level of fitness, and why it is beneficial, and she’ll often create handouts of poses or sequences for us to take home and practice on our own. No matter what your level of fitness or experience with yoga, Peggy works with you on improving your health, finding your balance, challenging your inner strength, and opening your heart, all in a relaxed and inviting environment.
— Cassie Dalton.
Love, love, LOVE Peggy and her caring, educational and FUN manner. She is incredibly gifted and talented at what she does. If you have your doubts or are unsure as to what the whole Reiki thing is all about, GO! You will be a believer. It really does work, imho. Thank you and namaste Peggy.
— Mary Maloof. GOOGLE REVIEW.
Peggy is amazing! I’ve been taking yoga classes, and getting reiki treatments from Peggy for over a year, and can’t say enough about her. She is kind and compassionate, taking time to talk with you and figure out what you need. Her yoga classes are challenging and fun, and I leave tired but refreshed. Reiki has been very helpful for my anxiety and depression. It makes me feel deeply relaxed, and afterwards I feel like I understand myself more. I’ve honestly become quite addicted to both yoga and reiki because of Peggy!
As the occupational healthcare provider for our complex manufacturing site I was very gratified to be able to offer weekly on-site Hatha Yoga classes to our associates. The studies that have been done on Corporate Yoga programs are pretty impressive. In so many ways Peggy’s classes meet our corporate wellness goals to inspire employees, management and staff to increase productivity & workplace collaboration, to reduces stress, and improve physical and mental well-being. She helps people feel good in their bodies and steers them in the right direction towards a healthier lifestyle.

Peggy offers Hatha Yoga classes which combines gentle low impact postures that tone and strengthen every muscle with breathing techniques and deep relaxation for a well-rounded practice that will calm, center, stretch, and revitalize the students. This class is offered to people that have a range of ability levels so the class can be taken at your own pace.
— Martha, Atlanta GA
I finally had the chance to take my first yoga class this summer. I have to admit, I had put it off because I did not think I would get a good workout (being both a tennis player and runner). WOW, was I wrong. I hurt in places that I didn’t know existed. Peg’s class was AWESOME! As a new person to yoga, she offered many options throughout the class to challenge you. I have continued to take more and more classes and have discovered each to be very different, working various areas, both physically and mentally. It has been a great joy to add this to my weekend workouts.
— Crystal Freeman
I am so thankful to have found Peggy’s yoga class! She is a wonderful instructor. I am new to yoga so one of the reasons I love Peggy’s class is that as she is teaching the moves she helps you modify things so that all levels, beginner to advanced, can participate fully in the class. I am loving how yoga makes me feel and I look forward to class every week, it’s one of the highlights of my week. You will love Peggy’s class I’m sure!!
— Anne Rains
The first discussion I had with Peggy about her practice I could tell that to her it was a way of life, not just an activity. She has an amazingly welcoming, kind, and calm personality. Her yoga classes are laid back and in my opinion a perfect blend of relaxation and stimulation. Even better, she tires to tailor her classes to the needs of her clients. I have had the pleasure to go to a handful of her classes and can honestly say she is an amazing teacher and leader. She ends her classes by singing a beautiful verse while the scents of coconut oil fill the air – an incredibly peaceful conclusion. Furthermore Peggy’s reiki seasons are some of the most relaxing moments I have experienced. You can feel her positive energy pass over you as your mind drifts into mediation and reflexion. The whole process is unique per individual and I would highly recommend trying it
— <3 Rebecca Rae
I have had the pleasure of knowing Peggy since Feb. of 2009. From that time until April 2010, Peggy had been leading a Stretch and Tone (Yoga) class for the seniors in our housing community. She volunteered her time weekly to head out this class. When the yoga class was first introduced to our seniors, they were hesitant and skeptical to say the least. Peggy decided to change the name of the class so more seniors would give it a try. She then held a complimentary class to introduce the concept to the seniors. Soon the word started to spread that Peggy is “wonderful”, “knowledgeable”, “friendly” and “sweet”. The class participation started to increase and the weekly yoga class started to work its’ magic on those that attended. I had tenants that regularly attended and had seen the benefits of the class. The tenants were not only more flexible, sleeping better, stronger with more endurance, but had an improved outlook on life. I also saw they were more willing to try other things. They became more interested in their overall health and what they could do to improve it!

Peggy was great with my tenants. She treated each with such dignity and respect. She seemed to know what they needed and when they needed it. For some that’s a smile and a conversation about their week, for others it’s a hug and encouragement to keep going. She met and accepted them where they were physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Peggy treated them all so special with genuine care and compassion. This had led to their growth and better health.

Now that you know Peggy is special, know that she is knowledgeable in her field as well. She has a knack for explaining things for everyone to understand. She also has the ability to adapt the exercises/postures for all levels of abilities. Her group consisted of women and men ages mid 70’s to mid 90’s. The entire group continues to miss her since she had to relocate to GA. We tried to replace her and find a yoga instructor, but they all agreed, “We will not be able to replace our Peggy, nobody is like our Peggy”. So instead they continue to do yoga with Peggy. She graciously videotaped her last 10 classes she had with them so they could continue their yoga practice.

Peggy is a special individual and anyone who works with her is very fortunate indeed. She will always have family and friends here at the Heights! Sincerely, Beth Carstens
— Lasata Heights/ Housing Manager
After experiencing insomnia and not wanting to take sleeping tablets, I looked for a holistic alternative. After four Reiki treatments I found I was waking less in the night and when I did wake, I was able to go off to sleep again. I now attend Peggy’s Yoga classes which are very beneficial; they have taught me breathing and relaxation techniques and my strength and flexibility have returned to my body.
— Karen Fargo
I was feeling run down and stressed. My job causes me to have a lot of anxiety. I was looking for a way to calm and center myself. I had been researching Reiki for a while. I finally had the courage to try it. My session with Peggy was amazing. She made me feel at ease. After my session I felt so revived. I felt lighter and renewed. Now I look forward to my sessions. I would recommend this to anyone. Even if you aren’t sure just give it a try, you have nothing to lose. My only complaint is that I can’t do it every day
— Darlene Cooper
Thank you is not enough … but it’s the only words I have. Thank you for making me feel unbroken and unblocked. Thank you for your fantastic words of encouragement. Thank you! You are a beautiful soul, inside and out. I hope you see what I can see – and that you realize just how much you are worth. I am so blessed to know you. THANK YOU!
— Donna Schueneman