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April 2018

Today we’d like to introduce you to Peg Driscoll.

Peg, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My family and I moved to the Atlanta area a little less than 10 years ago from Wisconsin because my husband’s job (NCR) needed him in Georgia. In WI, I was a special education teacher and a RYT 200 Yoga Instructor for kids, families, special needs, senior citizens and MS. When my family and I moved to the Atlanta area, we knew no one and knew we needed to get out and explore all the beautiful things Atlanta had to offer. It was at a health fair in downtown Atlanta where my journey started for Reiki. At the health fair, a beautiful woman walked me to her booth and asked me if I have ever heard of Reiki and if I would be interested in learning it. Without hesitation, my husband knew I needed to meet people and signed me up for the training.

I studied and became certified in Jikiden Reiki, Komyo Reiki and Western Reiki in the Atlanta area. With the intention to never be a practitioner, I was extremely interested in this healing modality and was thrilled to just use it on my family, neighbors and pets. Being skeptical myself, I was amazed by the results this beautiful practice had on myself and many of my loved ones. I kept it quiet for a while because I realized that many people were skeptical and even scared of reiki because they didn’t know the history of the practice or what it truly is all about. Many people think it’s a religion or that the energy source comes from the person doing reiki. With education, one would find out that the source comes from a source I personally call God (some may say the Universe).

One day a woman called me stating that she heard I knew how to do Reiki and was wondering if I could give some peace to her 26-year-old daughter who unfortunately had cancer for the fifth time. Stating to her that I am not a practitioner and this is not my business, I agreed to practice and work on her daughter. The first time meeting her daughter, I was deeply saddened by her condition and what cancer has done to her body. Unsure myself, that Reiki could help her, I began to send loving energy her way through the practice of Reiki. To make a long, beautiful story short, this beautiful woman during our journey together began to improve. Not only did I do Reiki on her, but we formed a beautiful relationship where we had deep talks about faith, we talked about tools that I learned in yoga to release fear and anger in her body/soul/mind, we did some yoga in her hospital bed at her home to help open her chest more and to get circulation in her body, I also shared some amazing meditations and breath exercises with her to calm her nervous system and relax her mind. This beautiful relationship was a true gift and seeing her improve was an even better gift.

Unfortunately, one day, she was challenged with taking deep breaths and needed to go to the hospital. I was called to come and do reiki on this beautiful, now 27-year-old, child. Seeing her took me back because it reminded me of the first time I saw her. We cried and hugged each other. She expressed to me that she, soon, was ready to die and let go of living here on this earth. She went on to say that cancer wasn’t going to dictate when she was going to die, but her peace to go home to God was her way of being ready when God decided (not cancer!). She thanked me over and over for our short but glorious journey with each other and how she learned how to release a lot of negative emotions she was holding onto. She mentioned that Reiki helped in so many ways with her pain, mental state, her sleep and her happiness. She also added that yoga helped make her body/mind/soul feel more connected and that the stretches made her body feel stronger and more relaxed. She expressed that the meditations and breath work helped her relax and get connected more with God. After telling me about all of that, she looked me in the eye and said that before I do reiki on her that night, I needed to promise her that I will do reiki and yoga as a business here in Georgia and help others. Shocked and in disbelieve that she was saying that, I hesitantly agreed and said I would make this a business.

I’m happy to say that her lungs were strong enough to travel back home the next day where she peacefully passed away a few weeks later surrounded by her loved ones. In her honor, I started YoRei Life (I played with the words Yoga Yo, and Reiki Rei). I feel that everyone can benefit with a lifestyle that has both these beautiful and healing practices Yoga and Reiki! I never gave up on the business even when I was only seeing one or two clients a week, because of her. It’s not easy to have a reiki and yoga practice because many are skeptical.

However, with determination and lots of love, I’m so proud how successful my business is now. I happily work 7 days a week (of course, I take mini vacations to recharge) and literally see miracles daily. Through God’s loving and healing energy I see people heal from emotional challenges to medical challenges. I’m blessed to work with newborns to people taking their last breath. I see people from all over Georgia and other states. I can’t express enough how truly blessed I am to do this work!!! I’m happy to say that my business has grown so much that people started to ask me to do trainings to learn more about energy and how reiki can approve their lives. I am now offering YoRei Life Reiki Trainings and workshops to help people grow spiritually and help our beautiful community feel good in their bodies/minds/spirits.

Peg Driscoll, CEO and Founder of  YoRei Life

Peg Driscoll, CEO and Founder of  YoRei Life

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It was so hard at times. It’s so extremely exhausting and hard explaining to everyone what reiki is and that I’m not crazy. I felt that I always had to explain that I’m a normal, born and raised catholic woman, who has a husband and two beautiful kids...  that I also struggle at times with life and have challenges too. However, coming back to the source, which I call God, and including some amazing tools that reiki and yoga have gifted us, anyone can find peace within and manifest a wonderful and blessed life. Financially I had no money to start a business, but I was lead on my path with good people who opened up their doors and offered me space. I bartered a lot and I charged practically nothing in the beginning for reiki. I myself wanted to make sure that I was helping people, so my prices were small in the beginning. As I practiced more on people and as I gained more clients by just word of mouth, I started to see more and more healing. My ability to feel energy intensified and I can even now see energy and move energy with my eyes. Yes, that’s all crazy; I so get it, but when you put your love and dedication into something, your gifts will shine and make it easy to help others.

Please tell us about YoRei Life.
I am a  yoga instructor, I’m a reiki practitioner and instructor, I cleanse houses and businesses, I help people learn how to meditate and clear their minds,  and I’m a  lifestyle mentor. I’m different in my practice because I teach people tools to help then keep their energy up. I can, during a reiki session, balance my client’s energy and make him/her feel amazing and relaxed, but I want him/her to continue feeling that way by using the tools I suggest so he/she is not relying on me to change his/her energy when it’s low or unbalanced. I want to empower my clients and show them that they can manifest a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. I am here to help, assist, support and love them!  Being blessed to have the ability to move energy,  and have the ability now to communicate strongly with God, I can be guided to help each client with specific tools and suggestion to help them discover their true self and to heal.

I now do phone reiki sessions to people from out of state and I will travel to other states to do reiki when asked. I have developed my YoRei Life Level One and Two Reiki trainings and enjoy educating people about how they are in control of their body/mind and soul. I love reminding people that it’s their birthright to be healthy, loved, happy, and blessed!!! I’m thrilled to say I still teach group yoga classes – my favorite Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga – and private yoga classes. My other love is going to clients’ houses/businesses and saging and moving the energy in their living space or work space. It’s so important to do this to help the healing process in most cases, and to make an environment more light and happy! It’s been really successful and my clients notice a huge difference in their homes and businesses when it’s done.

I am happy to say that YoRei Life has developed into a business that others want to be involved in. I am happily working with the P4 foundation and helping children beat their challenges. The founder is one of my clients who is on his way to healing and the test results show it!!! He’s truly a beautiful miracle and just love him!!!

Pricing: (subject to change, prices as of April 2018)

  • YoRei Life Training Shoden Level 1 $405 (three day training)
  • YoRei Life Training Okuden  Level 2 $405 (three day training)
  • $85 for an hour and a half Reiki Session, Private Yoga Session or Meditation Session 
  • Property Cleansing/Saging $85 and up
  • Phone Session/Distant Reiki and Life Style Mentoring 30 minutes $30 or 60 minutes $60 
  • Hatha Yoga Classes- $55 for 5 class group session $14 walk-ins         
  • Kundalini Yoga Class- $12.50 a class- Need to sign up for classes, class size limited

Contact Info:

  • Address: 1235 Pleasant Hill Road
    Lawrenceville, GA 30044
  • Website:
  • Phone/Text: 678-548-5040
  • Email:
  • Facebook:

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