Reiki - Single 90 Minute Reiki Session & Lifestyle Mentoring


With Peg Driscoll -90 MINUTES $95

with kathy corbin - 90 minutes $65

This is a hands on body energy balancing session. Lifestyle mentoring and coaching is included in this session on a one-on-one basis to help our clients understand the tools and techniques available to create a balanced space in their daily life. Our goal, over a period of time, is to teach you how to balance your own energy so you can become the best version of yourself. First time clients need to start with this 90 minutes reiki session.

Single 60 Minute Reiki Session- Just Table Reiki

Available for established clients only.


With Peg Driscoll -60 MINUTES $80

with kathy corbin - 60 minutes $55

This is a hands on body energy balancing session. Quick check in and check out to get you balanced, relaxed and ready to conquer the world. 60 minute session is for established YoRei Life clients only.

Twin Reiki Session- Just Table Reiki

75 minutes $150

This option is great for couples, friends or relatives who would love to relax together while getting the energies balanced and flowing. In a spa like setting, two Reiki practitioners will join you to provide a delightful, calming and balancing experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and centered.


Phone Reiki Session

Client in California

Phone Sessions - Distant Reiki & Lifestyle Mentoring  

With Peg Driscoll- 30 MINUTES $40

With Peg Driscoll- 60 MINUTES $70

This option is for clients who wish to enjoy the Reiki healing experience by distance or who wish to extend their Reiki relationship and lifestyle mentoring over the phone. All calls must be scheduled and paid in advance.  Online PayPal payment to only.

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Cancellation and Payment Policy

48 hours

All Reiki cancellations must take place 48 hours before appointment unless there is a medical emergency. Otherwise, you must pay for the appointment in full.

All purchases are non refundable, non returnable, non transferable and non extendable. All sales are final. 



For MorE information:

You may reach out to us at (678) 548-5040 if you have questions about the Reiki sessions.


Peg Driscoll

Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher

Text or call 678-548-5040 for an appointment


Kathy Corbin

YoRei Life Certified Reiki Practitioner and Teacher Assistant

Text or call 770-318-2118 for an appointment