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Specializing in Natural Primary Health Care, Cupping Therapy & Nutritional Supplements

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Office Visit- Provides natural primary health care by treating the whole person. Includes: vitals, consultation, review of health history and concerns, nutritional supplement recommendations and a health care plan. 

Cupping therapy- Uses gentle suction therapy to reduce pain, inflammation, muscle tension, sciatica, strains, athletic stress, toxicity, headaches, sinusitis, vertigo, fatigue, asthma, colds and flu. 


Chemical evaluation- collects urine and saliva to measure and detect levels of pH, sugars, salts, parasites, cellular debris, specific gravity, bilirubin, ketones, protein, blood, nitrate, leukocytes and ascorbic acid. Includes: review, recommendations and a summary of findings.

Dried blood cell- places six drops of blood on a glass slide that is analyzed under a microscope to identify the weakest organ system in the body on a cellular level. Includes: blood glucose testing, review, recommendations and a summary of findings.

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