At YoRei Life we believe that true wellness is the result of a multi dimensional approach. We focus on balancing the mind, body and soul trough energy healing and believe that the right physical approach works in divine synergy with ours.

Many years ago we met Dr Marion Maloof, an Atlas orthogonal practitioner and specialist in natural pain relief who has been helping people for more than 20 years with astonishing results. We encourage clients who are struggling with important physical challenges to explore Dr Maloof's practice. Peg has trusted her care and her family's care to Dr Maloof for many years and could not imagine her life without it.   

In a nutshell, his practice focuses on the first vertebrae in the neck, at the brain stem, through which most of the nerve impulses connecting the brain with the rest of the body travel. Nerves help control most functions in your body. Whenever pressure is placed upon the nervous system through a misalignment, the result is nerve interference which causes symptoms such as pain or abnormal organ function. Removing the interference is the most effective way to eliminate symptoms, according to Dr Maloof, addressing the root cause. The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure eliminates this problem, effectively restoring function without manipulation. If you are interested in learning more, check out the info below. 

Maloof Family Chiropractor is a state of the art, patient-centered, whole health practice. You, your health, and wellness are their vital and primary concerns.