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Kathy’s Story

“The most important job I could ever hold was being a mom. I always tried to do the best I could to raise and support my children to be the best they could be. I was what you’d call a “helicopter parent”. I hovered over my children, trying to make sure they were safe and protected from the world and from those that didn’t have their best interest at heart. I found out that I couldn’t protect them from things they would endure in their life. When your child hurts, you hurt, and would do anything to help them. My son was 12 when his body manifested some serious health issues. When he couldn’t handle the pressure any longer, he began to open up and share with me what he was experiencing in his life. I had no clue what he was trying to handle alone. The pressure from these things had built up within him and had manifested health issues in his body. Right away, I began to search for support. I was there for him, but I wasn’t clear on how to help my son. I prayed and searched for different healing modalities. Between counseling and Neuro Linguistic Programing he began his healing journey. When my daughter was 14, she became depressed and suicidal. It had started at age 12 when she was bullied at school. Again, I had no clue what she was trying to handle alone. She reached out to me and told me she needed help. Right away I began searching. A friend told me about Peg Driscoll and reiki therapy. During each session Peg created a safe space for my daughter to be able to open up, be herself, and share the pressure she was going through. She began to feel better and have hope for her future. Witnessing her transformation, I was very interested in this natural healing modality and I decided to try it for myself. I began feeling calmer with less stress and worry. Wanting to learn more about energy work, I took Peg’s training and became a certified reiki practitioner. As parents, we may feel sad and disappointed when our children chooses not to share what may be going on with them. I know I did. I had to realize that if it wasn’t me, they needed to be able to talk to someone they felt comfortable with. I’ve learned we can’t protect the ones we love from getting hurt. The only thing we can do is pray for them and teach them tools they can use for their direction to self worth. Every life experience is a gift and I believe my experiences with what my children went through has led me to where I am today. I’m very passionate about supporting others and making it a priority to never let anyone feel alone in what they are going through. I work with all ages. In the past 17 years I’ve taken numerous trainings and learned many tools to help others. I notice that coaching and reiki work very well together. Coaching encourages better thought patterns, and reiki enhances those higher vibrations. Every one of us experience the same emotions. It’s how we handle those emotions that put us where we are today. Whether it be that you feel all alone in what you’re going through, or you feel stress from the pressure that builds up within you, or you can’t seem to stop the negative conversation in that plays in your head, allow me to create a safe space and begin a conversation with you or a loved one You will feel heard, understood and not alone!”


Kathy Corbin creates a safe space for her clients to rebalance. Her training enhances her intuitive and compassionate nature, supporting them to create the changes they desire.

Kathy’s Services Include:

Integrative life coaching-

Discover the gifts and wisdom from your life experiences. Make peace with your past and become aware of your true potential.

teen empowerment mentoring-

Feel heard, understood, and to know that you are not alone in what you may be experiencing. Learn to make better choices and improve your relationships, starting with yourself. Discover your path to self worth!

more about empowerment coaching and mentoring:

Kathy brings her experience to help clients of all ages to make peace with their past, and supports them through the changes they desire. She creates a safe space for them to feel comfortable to be open, and facilitates a conversation to guide them to become aware of their true potential. Kathy feels it is extremely important for each of her clients to feel heard, understood, and to know they are not alone in what they are experiencing. Kathy is extremely passionate in working with teens. She brings her experience of being a mom of two who had struggled with trauma, depression, and suicidal thoughts during their teen years. Research shows the #1 reason for depression and suicide is because people feel completely alone. They feel they are the only one experiencing what they are going through. The effects of bullying and harmful social norms that our communities and social media still promote must stop. Through the experience of how her children felt, Kathy made a decision to never let another teen feel all alone. Everyone experiences stress and pressure in life. When you don’t have a healthy way to release it, it builds up and will eventually explode, hurting others or themselves. Kathy creates loving support and teaches how to release this pressure in a healthy way. This can also help to make good choices, improve relationships, starting with themselves. It’s then you can discover the path to self worth.

reiki therapy-

Reiki is a holistic therapy for anxiety, stress reduction and relaxation. It promotes healing, physical as well as emotional, creating a feeling of balance in the mind, body, and spirit. Benefits include feelings of peace, hope, security, and calmness, assists in the body’s natural healing process, and enhances the quality of life. Reiki and Coaching work very well together. Coaching encourages better thought patterns, and Reiki enhances those higher vibrations.


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