Amy Cathryn


I'm Amy Cathryn,
and I'm a psychic medium
& fine artist.

For as long as I can remember, I have been seeing, feeling and sensing things from the other side. I've known I was empathic my whole life—even before I fully understood the meaning of the word "empathic".

Being born and raised in a religious household in Birmingham, Alabama made for an interesting journey to accepting myself as both a psychic medium and a fine artist. I would sometimes hear voices in my head (and still do), I would pick up "feelings" and just "know" things about people, but I would keep it mostly to myself so people wouldn't think I was crazy. I also remember being able to draw before I could write, and would often doodle, and draw palm trees with charcoal pencil of beaches from my imagination. 

Delving Deeper

“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.
(I’ll either find a way or I’ll make one.)”

— Hannibal of Carthage

I went on to become a graphic designer, but the Universe (God) began pulling me in a new direction. Over time, my experiences became stronger to the point where I could no longer ignore them. I had two options: believe I was going crazy, or find my answers through spirituality. I chose to seek answers through spirituality, and became a student of metaphysics. I connected with like-minds that taught me how to use metaphysical tools to help and heal people, such as tarot, reiki and even how to discipline my gifts for mediumship.

My husband and I moved to Atlanta in 2015, where I felt drawn to delve even deeper into my spiritual calling. I started doing readings professionally in April of 2016. I then studied under Carl Woodall and graduated from the Sandy Anastasi System for psychic development through the Atlanta Metaphysical Center in December 2016.


Phone: 205.332.0441